Opened doors, close doors

open doors, closed doors

Today I want to discuss opening doors and closing doors.

These may not be the kind of doors that you’re thinking about but these are spiritual doors and emotional doors.

There are some doors that should be opened and then there are some doors that should not be opened.

Some of these doors are opened by the spirit man, some of them by the mind, and some of them by the Flesh.

As I stated earlier some of these doors should be opened and some of them should not be opened but what happens when we open a door that shouldn’t be open?

What if we do something in the flesh that we shouldn’t have done? What if we continually think of ourselves as a failure or a reject?

I will give you an example. If a person continually thinks of them self is a failure that will open the door to failure after failure in their lives. This person may wonder why everything they do goes wrong when in reality they already failed in their mind.

So in their mind they opened the door to the reality that they are facing which is failure in their lives.

What about in the flesh? Perhaps you’ve had an affair? This will open a spiritual door even if no one ever finds out what you’ve done.

If this is you and you can’t seem to sleep at night, or you can’t seem to think straight. The reason is because you have opened doors that you should not have opened.

The next question is why did I open these doors to begin with? The answer lies within your temperament.

There are five temperaments and each temperament has what we call a temperament need.

These temperament needs will be met either in a Godly way or an ungodly way. If we get these temperament needs met in a Godly way it will open up good doors, the blessings of God in our lives and in our souls and then our spirits.

Most people who have not had a temperament profile from The Penewit Institute don’t even realize that they have a temperament much less what the term temperament need is

The first step to controlling what you think and what you do is to begin reading the word of God.

The second step is to make an appointment with a Penewit Institute and get your temperament profile.

This profile will answer every question that you’ve ever had about yourself and we’ll set you on the course for success! Contact us