What to think after the election

What to think after the election

What to think after the election

There are two ruling bodies that I want to talk about here today. The political machine and the Church of Jesus Christ.

Let’s make this simple, whoever wins the election or the popular vote is the one who makes the laws or the rules.

And it seems as if things were pretty much split down the middle as far as the vote goes.

So what if the party that you wanted to win did not? What to think after the election?

I must admit that things have gotten pretty bad out there, meaning the times are more dangerous than they’ve ever been.

If one party doesn’t get their way they tend to get violent or if the other party doesn’t get their way they tend to be

As I thought about this I turn to the word of God for answers. When I think about David who became king, we remember that he was a sheep herder.

He didn’t really seem like he had what it would take to be the king of Israel and yet he ended up to be the apple of God’s eye.

Let us look at Joseph who was sold to the Egyptians as a slave. God bless Joseph because Joseph had faith in God and he became second-in-command over his master’shouse.

As The Story Goes he was thrown in prison and became the chief of the prison. Then he became second-in-command only to pharaoh.

Go to the Book of Daniel we’re Daniel and his friends were kidnapped by an invading Army who was much more powerful than they were.

The king over them was not a good King so what did God do? He drove this King out into the Wilderness for 7 years to life like an animal. When he finally came to his senses he glorified God and got his throne back.

What I am saying is this. The Church of Jesus Christ is becoming more and more powerful.

So does it really matter who was in The White House? Or who has to send it? Or who has the house? Of course it does! But the prayers of the church will determine what happens and what does not.

So if the party that you voted for didn’t win don’t be dismayed or frightened. Continue in the word and continue growing in faith and in power and speak what you want and see what comes to pass! Contact us