pain of rejection…looking to yourself


pain of rejectionEmotional pain…looking to yourself

Pain of rejection…what did I do wrong?

Pain of rejection is real so we must be real here and make the statement that perhaps it was something that you did wrong.

Ask yourself the question isn’t something that I meant to do?  Is it something that I did accidentally?  Perhaps I had no idea what I said or did but obviously I made a mistake!

We need to get something straight here…whether or not you feel that this rejection is your fault,

is not the issue that we are discussing today.

I want you to know that God does and will forgive you if you simply ask him!

So once the repentance is offered in god forgives (which he will instantly) we still have to deal with the offense in your mind.


Ashley Singh Krueger is writing a series of posts called “The Struggles of a Teenager Series” which deals with this very issue

Pain of rejection…forgiving yourself is the first step

I want to reiterate here that God has forgiven you if you have ask for forgiveness.

So what’s next?  We still have to deal with the pain of rejection, the emotional pain.

I have learned over the years that I have been a Christian that sometimes I have to forgive others for myself by faith.

What do I mean by forgiving by faith?

Quite simply, there are times when I really don’t feel forgiveness in my heart toward an individual.

I don’t want to forgive them I don’t want to forgive myself so what do I do?

I start out by speaking words of forgiveness with my mouth.

I may not feel that forgiveness in my heart but I must start somewhere right?

So I start by saying  I forgive so and so” even though I don’t feel it in my heart.

I will continue speaking that with my mouth or “speaking it by faith”

If I keep this up then forgiveness will drop down into my heart and then I will feel it!

Forgiving one’s  self works the same way.

I realize that you may have done something deserving of rejection but you must understand that God is not the God of rejection!

The truth is, God will never reject you no matter what you do as long as you have asked Jesus into your heart.

There is a way to deal with the pain of rejection that tends to control a person for the rest of their lives.

The first step is to ask for forgiveness and do your best to make things right.

The second step is to have your Temperament Profile done.

This will tell you exactly why you make the decisions that you made and how to avoid them next time.

Your starting point is to contact us…let the healing begin