Emotional pain and reality


Emotional pain and reality

I think about this every day…Emotional pain and reality.

The therapists at Fort Worth Christian Counseling deal with this one subject of more than any other.
We deal with this pain, and some of this  is very heartbreaking!  We hear people’s stories about how this emotional pain has come about.  So today I would like to discuss some of these ways that this pain has come into our lives.

Ashley Singh Krueger is working on a series The struggles of a teenager that deals with this very issue

Emotional pain…Have you been left behind?

This is always among the most heartbreaking reasons for emotional pain…  And this usually happens to children.

It is very seldom that I hear an individual say that they had a good childhood and they always felt loved and accepted by their parents.

Most people that I talked to feel as if they have been left behind and in some of these cases I would tend to agree.

But in other cases it is very apparent that the individual has been ‘left behind’ by a family.

What is a person supposed to do with this pain and feelings of rejection when they reach adulthood?

If this pain is not dealt with it will affect every aspect of a person’s life.


Emotional pain…where did I go wrong?

We have to face facts here because people who have been rejected always asked the question ” where did I go wrong”?

Why was I bullied and made fun of in school as a child?

Why was I rejected by my mother and father…  Why did my husband leave me?  Why did my wife take our children and leave?

At Fort Worth Christian Counseling we have come to realize that the reasons for this vary.

Was it your fault?  Did you do something to deserve this?  Perhaps you did!

But people still hurt, people still suffer from emotional pain and that is what is dealt with here.

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