Forgiveness sets YOU free Part 3

Forgiveness sets YOU free Part 3

Forgiveness sets YOU free Part 3…is there a way out?

Forgiveness sets YOU free Part 3.

In the first 2 parts of this series we discovered that Paul had a plan to help us remove ourselves from the pain of a hurting relationship.


In part 1 and part 2 we learn that Paul the Apostle did have a plan to get us out of all

of this pain in a hurting relationship.

it’s one of those relationships where a person is hurting so bad that they cant see a way out.

Paul shows us the way out  in Romans chapter 12

lets pick up with verse 17

17 Never repay anyone evil for evil. Take thought for what is right and gracious and proper in the sight of everyone.

Here’s the scene…your mate says something that really hurts your feelings…I mean it hit you right where it counts!

You both stand there trying to tell the other person that you are hurting from what they just said or did.

You can’t understand why your friend/mate cant see why what they did/said to you hurts so much…

The truth is your mate/friend cant understand why you cant see what you said hurt them so much.

The truth is both of you are hurting which is why your mate/friend said the hurtful words.

Can you see it now? THEY hurt just as much as you do!

So whats next? How do I stop this pain?


Here it is!

18 If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Let me explain…Paul says “as far as it depends on you”! So here’s God’s plan spoken through Paul.

A situation like this puts you in a great spot! The person who hurt you (the one why was hurting to begin with)

***isn’t expecting an apology from you…but that’s just what they need to heal! ***

If you “put out their fire” then at least it cant burn you and that’s most of the battle.

In other words approach them and say “I apologize for hurting you…please forgive me

Yes! you heard it right! “as far as it depends on you” so taking this approach will do 2 things.

  1. Help your friend/mate heal
  2. RELEASE you from the pain and bondage of unforgiveness.

They may hit you with words of pain again depending on how angry they are BUT you have released yourself from this bondage and now you can heal.

If you release yourself from this bondage then you are in a good position to help them heal.

If you take this approach with others…you will be free.


You may be saying “I’m not sure I can do that…you don’t know me”.

We do what to know you better and allowing us to administer The Temperament Profile to you

will help you understand just how to make this approach.


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