Raising a Daughter

Raising a DaughterA daughter is a precious treasure.

That young mother looked at me with teary eyes and said “what will my little girl become”?

It seems like nothing I know occupies a parent more than discovering the answer to that question.

As you may or may not know, Fort Worth Christian Counseling specializes in youth, tweens and teens,

and as such we meet with quite a few parents that are very concerned about their children.

When your daughter hurts, you hurt as well.

As a doctor in the Faith Based mental health field, I know that fear and worry does not necessarily have to be a part of raising a child.

I find that perspective is a commodity that somehow is lacking in parents raising that child

that may not seem to be taking the path that a parents dreamed that they would take.

Medical school perhaps?  Then you realize that your child may never produce the grades that are necessary to get a bid to pre-med.

I find that a commodity that is even more rare in a family raising a child is that of happiness.

I recently had a young couple come into my office with their 8 year old daughter.


They were fearful that their daughter was “taking a wrong turn” somehow,

that she wasn’t turning out to be what they had hoped and prayed that she would be.

The mother looked at me with teary eyes and said “what will my little girl become“?

I must say that nothing touches me more than to look into the eyes of a child or a client and see what I saw in that young mothers eyes.

The resulting sessions found that what was lacking was the parents understanding of their daughter to begin with.


I began to show the parents about their daughters unique temperament, we mapped out a system of parameters

designed to assist them to help her be all that she could be.

Not only did she gain confidence in herself, but she knew what her parents expected and was able to work toward that goal.

I must say that watching her bloom into what she was meant to be,

and to see the happiness that resulted in that family is what my practice is all about.


Parameters are important in raising a child today, and with all that society is attempting to teach your child and with all that

they are attempting to get your child to accept, Bible based counseling is more important and needed than ever before.

Using the Bible and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ himself, those who come to Fort Worth Christian Counseling,

see a professional therapeutic counseling model combined with The Bible.

My wife Linda and myself use God’s Word exclusively in assisting parents to set up parameters in raising their child,

and the results that we are seeing are wonderful.

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