Self confidence and The Sanguine

The SanguineThe Sanguine

The Sanguine is a fun Temperament and an inspiring person to be around.

They are always

the life of the party and uplifting to everyone that they meet.

A Sanguine are the right choice for any job where people are a requirement because THEY LOVE PEOPLE!

Sanguines can lift the spirits of just about anyone that they meet and they are experts at it!

Sanguines get more out of interacting with people than they give because people are healing to them.

Interacting with other people “feeds” them by the very interaction that they provide.

So what happens if they cant interact with people?


The Sanguine and their ‘Swings”

Sanguines get some of their self confidence from people and how accepted they feel.

Since a Sanguine will feel rejection from people quite easily, they lose self-confidence if they

feel rejected by others. If rejection is perceived, they will begin to “fall apart” in their own lives.

This will affect their mood and even their very health if they are without people long enough.

They will “swing” (we call it The Sanguine swing) from the independent mode to the dependent mode in minutes.

It’s quite easy to help them “swing ” up into the independent mode by showing them physical/emotional love and attention.


Sanguines and self-confidence

If you are a parent and think your child may have Sanguine in their Temperament there are things that you can do.

REMEMBER! That Sanguines will feel as if they are being punished if they are ignored or feel as if they are not loved.

Give your Sanguine child all the love and affection that you can whenever they need it because

you can never teach a Sanguine how to be without people, love, attention and affection.

They will never be able to ‘get used to it”. They can learn to “deal with it” but they

will always feel punished and rejected.

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