How to talk to your teenage daughter

Teenage communications

How to talk to your teenage daughterHow to talk to your teenage daughter? Yes…I know…I imagine that you are laughing right about now!, you are saying “have you ever met my teenage daughter“?

I can almost hear you scream at the top of your lungs …She is impossible! Every time I try to talk to her its a war zone!

Shes moody and never agrees with anything that I say, and she goes out of her way to disagree with everything that I try to tell her.

I may have not met your daughter yet…but I have met her Temperament.

I probably know quite a bit about your daughter…but not the way that you may know her. You know what her favorite colors are,

what she likes to wear or eat…but I know her in a different way

I know the “why’s” I know that she probably has a few things that haunt her that she may never have told you.

You see…once I know her Temperament then I will know exactly what bothers her…why she cry’s,

why she laughs…why she may not be the social butterfly that you’d hoped that she would be. Or why she is never home or why she

wont try new things. Does she become angry when you suggest things to her? I can answer the why’s.

She wants you to know whats inside her..but shes afraid what you will think about her

You may find it hard to believe this but your daughter really does what you to understand why she may be crying herself to sleep at nights…

She wants to let you know why shes afraid or that she really isn’t that comfortable with her body and her mind just yet.

We can do this together…I work with teen girls and adolescents too. I am Rev Linda Penewit C.P.M. Contact me today