The elephant in the room

The elephant in the roomEvery therapist has seen them, and they are quite prevalent in most counseling situations.

They will take up most of the time in a counseling situation to such a degree that the important issues are never dealt with.

I am talking about the elephant in the room…the very reason that you come to see me.

The Issue is?

You have specific issues, embarrassing issues that you don’t want anyone else to know about.

I cannot force you to tell me about these issues so I work with what you allow me to work with.

I can understand telling your most embarrassing intimate secrets with a stranger.

But I also understand that you are not sitting in my counseling suite by accident.

I know that God sent you here and he has something specific that he wants us to accomplish.

The Starting line…where is it?

So where do we start? Yes! You guessed it! We have to address that elephant in the room.

I do understand that it might take a session or 2 for you to get used to me… but once you do I need you to trust me just like you trust to Abba!

I understand that the elephant in the room is one of the most painful things in your life, something that you have had much difficulty dealing with.

And the elephant has grown so large that it has taken up most of the peace and joy that you have.

This elephant isn’t stupid, it knows exactly where your weaknesses and this elephant isn’t stupid, it knows exactly where your weaknesses are and it knows how to exploit that weakness.

I’m certain that by now you’re very confused and you don’t even realize where this weakness is.

But if you give me just a few sessions and you work with me I can show you exactly where that weakness is, exactly how this elephant is stropping you of your joy and your successes in life.

You may have been through a marriage or 2, or fired from numerous jobs.

You may have difficulty with relationships, friendships, family and work relationships… and I realized that you have done everything you know to get past this.

Let’s get real here…

You think if I just ignore it eventually it will go away or it will leave me alone.

This is the very thing that this elephant wants you to do! Ignore ignore it! Pay no attention to it!

This thing has one goal in mind, to stop you, to rob you of your joy and happiness, to make you  an ineffective Christian on this planet.

This is not a task that just any therapist or Even-christian therapist can deal with…

But the therapists at The Penewit institute can help you deal with this elephant in the room.

We not only know what this elephant really is but we know how to help you deal with it once and for all.

So the question is are you getting tired of it? Do you have the resolve to deal with this once and for all?

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