The Worth of Marriage

 The worth of marriage
Doc and Linda Penewit

Is marriage really worth it?

God said in his word “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.“,

and after 34 years of marriage I believe it.


When I look at what Linda and I have built over the last 34 years  of our lives I am impressed!

But when I look at how God used us to do it I am overwhelmed.


I think back of the difficulties that we faced the difficulties that we faced together.


I must admit quite a few if not most of those difficulties were difficulties that we were responsible for.


We learned how to walk together we learned how to run together we learned how to fly like the Eagle together.


I tell my patients that marriage is a 3 legged race, and in that 3 legged race you must learn how to Sprint with your mate.


 We build each other up

I also understand what Paul meant when he said build one another up in brotherly love.


The Lord has used me to help him build my wife into the woman of God that she is today,

and I can see that he used her to build me up into the man of God that I am today.


If I were to ask the question if a marriage that is in trouble or a failing marriage worth the effort to revive and strengthen?


The answer must be yes! The journey that you will go on to healing in your marriage is a journey of inner healing of yourself


Quite often when the going gets rough I tell one of my patients simply concentrate on you for right now and you will see the growth.


So to us marriage counseling is working with 2 individuals to help them heal from the emotional pain so that they can become one.


The 1st step in this process is beginning to understand yourself and how God wove for you to be


It also involves beginning to understand you were made and how God wove them to be


The Penewit Institute is the perfect place to start…


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