The pain of childhood hurts the most

The pain of childhood hurts the mostWhen I work with a patient it is usually the pain of childhood that hurts the most.


At the Penewit Institute  We refer to this as unresolved pain.


This is the pain of rejection that the child could not understand and so the pain and anguish from this rejection never went away.


Most every human being deals with this childhood pain in one way or another.


The patients that I see generally state that they had a happy childhood…


That when we begin our sessions with them we find that the opposite is true.


These are the memories that one would rather forget… the question is why does it keep coming back?


Unresolved pain


Unresolved pain such as the pain of childhood is always there even though you may not see it.


It plays very quietly and softly in the background of your thoughts.


And it will control the way you think, the way you receive love and affection.


You may be a busy housewife or a successful business person… and you think that everything is OK.


If you really pay attention to what you are thinking and connect the dots so to speak


you will see that your past is something that you must deal with.


If you do not deal with past pains and rejection it will stay in your memory, and in your soul until you get rid of it once and for all.


How do I deal with this?


At the  Penewit Institute we work with 5 Temperaments.


Each temperament deals with this just a little differently


If you know what your temperament is you will know exactly how you deal with these issues and exactly which way to go.


We know where the pain is, and we know how to help you deal with it once and for all.

We know that the pain of childhood hurts the most…but we also know the road to healing.

This will not be the easiest thing that you have ever done but it will be the most powerful thing that you have ever done.


On the other side of this lies peace and tranquility for the rest of your life.

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