Reaching the land of you

Reaching the land of you

If you are reading this then you have probably read “reaching the land of why

You have questions that need answers…

Things haven’t gone quite the way that you thought they would and you are asking yourself the question


If your desire is reaching the land of why then you have come to the right place!

The land of WHY Is in the land of you!


Your relationship may not have turned out the way you thought it would

Your career isn’t what you had hoped it would be


Your life simply isn’t what you had hoped it would be


All of these questions can be answered by understanding why you made the choices that you have made.

When you make a decision or a choice you mean well…

But it may not have been the choice that you should have made.


But how do you know what to do? Which decision to make? Which choice to make?

The reason why we make the choices we make

You are just about ready to enter the land of why which is situated in the land of you.


God-created us in a unique and wonderful way.

He created us a spirit man who lives in a body and has a soul.

Your soul contains your mind, your will and your emotions…

Or as we call it…
○ Inclusion
○ Control
○ Affection

God-created us using 5 temperaments…

This is why we are as wonderful as we are

Let’s look at the 5 Temperaments.

1. The melancholy
2. The choleric
3. The phlegmatic
4. The supine
5. The sanguine


Each one of these temperaments has what we call temperament needs

This is the reason why you have made the life decisions/choices that you have made.

Stay tuned!

The next article will explain exactly what these 5 temperaments are.

When we understand this we will be reaching the land of why