Reaching the land of “Why”

Reaching the land of "Why"If you’re like most people then you have a life that is full of ups and downs.

You want to be “Reaching the land of “Why”


Sometimes life is going just the way you have planned it,


and other times it seems like life is the complete opposite of what you expected it to be.


Your job may have not turned out the way you expected…


Your children may not be developing the way you thought they would


You may be in a relationship or a marriage that isn’t going the way you had hoped.


Perhaps you may have even had an affair or your mate has had an affair and you are asking yourself the question….




If you take the right path, You will be reaching the land of why


You have questions about what has happened to you in your life or perhaps what has not happened to you.


When you ask yourself why  answer seems unreachable


There is a reason why you have taken the path that you have


Have you ever wondered why you chose the mate that you chose?


Or why you chose the career that you did?


You may have chosen a certain path in life… but do you know why?


It isn’t that difficult to find the answers to these questions.


If your desire is a reaching the land of why…

We can get there…


The land of why is situated inside the land of the you!


Stay tuned for part 2…


Reaching the land of you.

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