I Can’t take it anymore

I Can't take it anymoreI Can’t take it anymore. I’ve heard this statement quite often in my life.

Perhaps you feel like quitting…giving up but you dont quite know how to accomplish that either.

Being in a situation like this can be quite confusing… You want to simply give up and walk away but you can’t.

It may be a job situation or a relationship… Some temperaments simply can’t give up all that easily.

Asking the questions

if you are making the statement “I Can’t take it anymore” ..asking the questions can be equally frustrating

because you never really know the answers.

A question like “why can’t I just walk away from this relationship“?


I wish I could just quit this job and walk away permanently

I realize that there are many reasons why an individual would just want to quit… But these are 2 of the most common reasons

these are things that you speak with in your own soul… They are questions that are these questions really designed to be answered?


Getting answers

learning why you are asking these questions to begin with and how you are asking them makes all the difference.

Knowing what your temperament is will show you why you can’t walk away from any given situation.

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