Lonely people are hurt people

Lonely people are hurt people. It’s not difficult to understand that lonely people are hurt people.

You may not be a “people person” but very few people want to be lonely.

People that I talk to have even lost hope of every finding people that they can call friends.

Life can indeed be lonely unless yo know how to “break out” of the lonely lifestyle.

Lifestyle of lonely people

For many this seems to begin in one’s childhood.

An individual can live and work in a veritable “sea of people” and yet be alone.

It’s not about “why I cant seem to beat this loneliness”  but “could other reasons be the source of this loneliness”?


Hurt people and the “why” of being alone

We’ve established that lonely people are hurt people.

So what could the source be?

It’s the childhood pain and fears that never seem to affect us the most.

The monsters under your bed or the fear of the unknown.

Were your parents available to you like you needed them to be?

Perhaps you were sexually or physically abused?

Things happened in your childhood that you needed help with…

and there was no one there to help you.


Lonely people usually blame themselves.

Blaming ones self is easy because it seems to answer all the questions.


There are other answers to all of this.

God created us unique…no 2 of us are alike.

We work with The 5 Temperaments

Each temperament processes childhood pains/fears differently.

The therapists at Fort Worth Christian Counseling are experts at

“getting to the bottom” of your pains.

Learn how to defeat loneliness once-and-for-all

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