Re-wire your brain

Re-wire your brain …Over the past few years there has been much study and many publications on the brain.

Medical science is beginning to zero in on a few areas that are quite interesting to me.

In some cases, the brain can actually be rewired after a traumatic injury.

Most of us who have been through school have realized that we can change the way we think,

and if we change the way we think we can approach a problem from a different perspective.



Re-wire your brain…Can the brain be rewired?

The answer to this question isn’t as difficult as you may think.

If you were to read the research about all of this it may seem very confusing… But it is not!

To some of us it may be a bit time consuming but time is something that we all have.

Re-wire your brain…How can I rewire my brain?

For most of us the answer to this question is easier than one may think.

We can rewire our brain just by learning how we think!

Let’s learn how to re-wire your brain.


How God “wired you”

God wired each of us differently and learning exactly how god does this is the key.

At the Penewit Institute we work with 5 temperaments  

Learning HOW God “wired” us the think shows us why we think the way we do.

If you are a “toxic thinker” and learn WHY you think that way…healing is at your door.


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