There’s always a starting line

There's always a starting lineIf you have ever watched sporting events or auto races then you know that there’s always a starting line.


I know that you all have heard the old saying “everybody’s gotta start somewhere”


*You may not know what lies ahead


Whenever we start on a new endeavor in our lives we always think of what lies ahead.


Most of us face mild to moderate anxiety when we think of what lies ahead.


And yet, others are ready to start the race immediately..


As we begin to take those 1st steps when we reached the starting line they must always be taken in faith.


Pray about the endeavor that you are about to start and let God know that you trust him and his plans for you.


On the one hand you may not know what lies ahead, but you can know that our heavenly father is ahead and has cleared the way for your success!


*Running to win


You are starting line maybe with a new person or it may be trying to find help with the person that you are with.


We all tend to find it difficult to admit that we may have made a mistake… but what if we have?


What if that mistake is smaller than you think? What if it could be dealt with easily?


This is where Fort Worth Christian counseling comes in.


We know where the starting line is and what’s more we know where the finish line is.


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