I didn’t make this mistake twice

DivorceTo begin the story I have been married to my wife for 38 years… and happily married I might add!


This is what happened long ago


It was late 1976 and I had just gotten out of the navy. I got married and before long we had our child.

We moved back to my home state and that is when things went terribly wrong.

Our marriage did not work out and so we ended up divorcing.


Sometimes it seems as if divorce is inevitable for some people .


I thought long and hard about what happened and how my son and my ex-wife moved across the United States.


The pain was almost unbearable but I remember saying to God..

“I want to know what went wrong…”

“I want to know where I went wrong before I move on with my life and find to the woman than I am supposed to be with”


It was during this time in my life that I became a “God chaser”.


I was saved during all of this but what happened was that I pursue God every 2nd of my life.

I wanted to know everything about him…


And during that time The Father showed me where I went wrong in my marriage.


A few years passed and eventually God fulfilled his promise to me when he told me that I would get custody of my son and I did.


My son and I went off to seminary and it was there we met the woman of my dreams.


What is the point of this story?


If you are reading this then you are probably hurting, you are probably ready to give up, but the answers are here.


Perhaps this is the beginning of your journey?


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