I want my life back!

Investing in youI want my life back! Have you ever said this?

If you’re like most people then I believe that you have.

I have met people whose life turned out just like they thought it would.

I have spoken with patients who have said

“the way I am living my life is exactly how I planned it as a child and so it came to pass.”

I also speak with patients who tell me that their career is a dismal failure,

that they don’t know what happened to their life or their marriage or their relationship or even their Career.

One of the beautiful things about what I do is the ability to be able to show people t

hat they are not broken as they may think they are.


Following a path but not knowing why

You may have wanted a people oriented career and yet you find yourself in a task oriented career.

You may have wanted a task oriented career but you find yourself in a people oriented career.

As much as you wanted a certain life why did you wind up just the opposite?

Did you know when God-created you he had a specific plan for you?

God actually created you and your desires and your needs to fit with the life that he planned to for you.


Reaching the goal

At the Penewit institute we work with 5 temperaments.

Knowing exactly how God why are you to be well answer all of the questions that you have ever had concerning your life.

After your profile is interpreted you will realize that you are not broken as you thought you were.

Let your life finally begin!


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