And yet, there is one who will never reject you

And yet, there is one who will never reject youAnd yet, there is one who will never reject you

As you may know the Penewit institute works with 5 temperaments.


Each of these temperaments and the thousands of different glands all have one thing in common…




Rejection is something that is extremely difficult for an individual to handle…


And as you know rejection comes in all forms.


It is very doubtful that a human being on the planet Earth has ever encountered an individual who has never made them feel rejected.


Rejection is just a fact of life or is it?


You may have a mate that has rejected you or will reject you quite often.


Your children your job your friends even people that you do not know will find a way to reject you.


The reasons are  varying but at all leads to the same emotion





Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find someone who would never reject you no matter what you did?


And yet, there is one who will never reject youActually, I have found that individual and his name is Jesus Christ.


As you develop a real genuine relationship with him you will find that he is the one that will never reject you.


I have made plenty of mistakes in my life and even though he has corrected me numerous times he has never made me Thea rejection or badd about myself.


How does this connect to temperament?


If you want to know how this connects to temperament and how you can apply this to your Own life, the therapists at the Penewit institute can show you how.

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