My dear Dr Vogul…

My dear Dr Vogul...My dear Dr Vogul…I want to encourage you after the last appointment that you had discussed with me.

I wasn’t surprised at your patient’s reaction…many Melancholies react like this to temperament.

Every person is growing…one way or the other.

You asked me what I can suggest to you to traverse the second half of your life here on Earth.

I have put together a base that you can add to as you grow…

1.Be in The Word constantly. Study “Word of Faith” as much as you can. In the second half of your mission on Earth  your body and soul will begin to tell you things (physically and emotionally) that are not true and only your spirit man can see the truth.

2.Know that people are going to be what they choose to be…whether we like it or not. I’m not saying your patient won’t grow because if they so choose, they will.

3.Look at ABBA as your TOTAL source and supply. Especially EMOTIONALLY. Press into HIM in new ways. Speak His Words constantly and rejoice over everything that you can. Seek answers from HIM first instead of others.

4.When a patient  can help, they will but when they cannot he will go “dark”. It doesn’t mean they doesn’t care. They are approaching the situation in a way that can bring new aspects to the problem. Learn from them.

5.Move into this second phase of your life with the gifts God gave you…branch out and apply yourself in new ways. Don’t be concerned about your abilities…ABBA will make all things happen as your faith grows.

6.Expose yourself to as many people as you can…love life and share yourself with them… you have a healing nature that God placed in you…God created you with a servants heart that is powerful

So in summation…. My dear Dr Vogul…Get a running start take off and FLY!!!