They are your responsibility

Lately I have been thinking about children and how they are being raised by their parents and their responsibility. We have a new type of parent that has just been introduced called the lawnmower parent. These are parents who mowed down anything or anybody that would come against their children to tell them they need to improve they need to do better they need to persevere Etc.

Children are YOUR responsibility

Raising your children are your God-given responsibility. That means if the public school that you’re sending your child to is not representing your morals, your Godly morals then it is your responsibility to make sure that your child knows that they can stand against ungodliness if they have to and that they will have your support.  Allowing anyone except the parent to build a set of morals into your child is a dangerous thing. I’ve seen this in my practice time and time again. Parents bring their teen child to me wondering what happened to them.

Do you know what your child is learning in school?

I remember when my son was in grade school he had to stand against the opinion of a teacher. This opinion was very ungodly and it did not represent the Bible or how God made man whatsoever.

Because my son refused to take the final exam because of the questionable ethics of the exam he received a D minus for the class for that year. But I told my son how proud I was of him and that in my opinion he got an A+

Being your child’s champion

I think it’s time for parents to stand against ungodliness… especially in schools. If you need to go to the school board meeting and lodge complaint, or go to the principal and lodge complaint then that is your responsibility.

We can help you understand your child and exactly how they are going to respond to these things. Call the office for further information