What happens in the “Dark Moods”?

Do you struggle with dark moods?

dark moodsThose who are depressed face daily turmoil. They feel as if a wet soggy blanket has been thrown over them, and they can’t really see the light of day.

They live in a fog and can’t really think clearly. That causes them to go into a deeper depression.

We call this “dark moods” because they can keep you from getting a night’s sleep, and you can slide into despair.

One person said it’s like falling into a black hole. It doesn’t hurt to fall, but to stop your falling is painful, clawing at the sides of the hole for a place to hold on and climb out.

They can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and so they are always trying to reach the light but they are never able to do so.

Their judgments begin to cloud up and they are not certain which way to go or even which way is up.

They begin to think of ways to stop the agony (depression symptoms) such as self medication (drugs alcohol or sex), self mutilation (cutting) or even suicide.

Even though these individuals know that these things are wrong they feel drawn toward them.

Most of the time they can resist the dark thoughts, but they will most likely self medicate in one form or another. This can become a cycle of dependency that leads to addiction, which makes the depression even worse!

Some types of depression are physiological, often related to nutritional deficiencies, poor diet, and lack of basic health concepts. Sunlight, for example, alleviates depression (which explains why many people feel down on cloudy overcast days). Almost 70% of depression is directly related to dehydration: lack of adequate water intake. (I’m talking pure water, here, not coffee or soft drinks that contain water!) Some depression is triggered by sugar, or food additives and chemicals. Depression is often your body’s way of screaming for help, letting you know something is missing or out of balance.

Other types of depression can be spiritual. That’s a heavy topic for another article.

If you are battling with the dark moods of depression, you need to know there is HELP available and you can get back into a place of light once more. We want to give you HOPE!