Why mommy? Part 1

Learning to forgive the unforgivable

Mothers seem to have the most influence and effect on their children while they are growing up.

I have met very few individuals who only have good memories of these times.


But all too often it is the painful memories that affect our lives as adults.

Try as we might it seems to be impossible to put those painful memories to rest.

How do we do it?

1. Learning to forgive the unforgivable

When we think about all the painful memories that an individual can have…


One might make the statement ” How can you ask somebody to forgive a parent for the evil that they have done to them?”

Learning to forgive somebody who has abused to you is just as much about your healing as it is letting the other person go.

I have always made the statement ” Hurt people, hurt people”

Learning to forgive a parent for what they have done to a child is a step-by-step process.

The 1st part of this process is thinking about the offending parent…

What was their childhood like? Were they beaten?

Where they verbally and emotionally abused?

Were they physically or sexually abused?

Were they able to get help when they were children?


Please understand that I am not attempting to make excuses for them…


What I am suggesting is that if we give grace to those that have abused us then we can begin the healing process of letting go.


In my own childhood both of my parents grew up under adverse circumstances.

Life was not easy for either one of them…

And as I began to meditate on this I understood why they were the way they are.

Drawing this conclusion helped me to understand and I was then able to add minister grace and forgiveness to them.


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