Why mommy? Part 2

learning to forget the unforgettable


If you have read part one of the 3 part series “why mommy”?  Then you know that learning to forgive is a step-by-step process.

The 1st step in part one is doing a little investigating.  How were your parents really raised?  Do they had the painful past?  Were they able to reach out to someone for help?


These questions will help us  to understand and learn how to forget the pain.


In the course of running a practice here in the Dallas Fort Worth area I have come to understand that everyone has a reason for what they do.


I realize that it may seem like a person has a desire to harm another but if we trace it back to their childhood we will almost always see that they were abused themselves.


By now I trust that you realize that they were in the same boat that you are so to speak.


As I have said before there is always a reason why a person does what they do… And pain is one of the number 1 factors for these decisions.


Remember that this is for your healing… This is to allow you to move forward with your life without the painful memories of the past.


Again…meditate on the possibility that there was a reason why your parents were the way they were.

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