Why mommy? Part 3

Why mommy?Healing for the unhealable


Welcome to part 3 of the series “why mommy”?


By now you understand that there is always a reason why a person does what they do.


And your question may be “Do you expect me to let my mother or father off the hook for what they did to me”?


Do you realize what happened to me?


Indeed I do! You may have been emotionally abused or you may have been physically or even sexually abused.


What I am seeking is to help you to let go and this and move forward.


For most of you this made very well be the only life and memory that you know how to live.

Some people think “this is better than nothing” but that is because they had never been shown how to look ahead at the future and how beautiful life can be.


So how do we heal the inhalable?


It starts with a desire…a willingness to do whatever it takes to heal once-and-for all


Now that you realize that there might have been some reasons why your parents were the way they are…


You can move forward toward healing yourself.


I am going to teach you what “forgiving by faith” is


Forgiving by faith is something that an individual chooses to do.


I can almost guarantee that when you begin down the path to forgiving by faith you will not feel that forgiveness in your heart.


Actually you may feel just the opposite!

You may feel disdain you may feel anger you may feel hurt and there may be many other feelings that will keep you from desiring to forgive this individual in your heart.


So where do we start?


We forgive by speaking…

I realize to some of you that this will not make sense but hear me out and you will see that this is one of the most powerful tools that you will use.


If you have read the 1st 2 parts… “Why mommy”?   Then you won’t know that they are reasons why people are the way they are.


There are reasons why your parents were the way they are and even though I am not excusing them… This can answer the why questions


So we begin by speaking forgiveness over that individual.


You may not feel it in your heart for awhile but I want you to say it with your mouth.


You may say something like…


” In the name of Jesus by faith…I hereby forgive my mother or my father of anything that they have done to hurt me.


I here by place all of the pains and memories under the blood of Jesus now and for ever


I refuse to think about these pains and memories ever again in the name of Jesus.


Now comes the part where you simply have to continue saying to yourself ” I forgive my mother or father in Jesus name”


You may have to repeat this 10000 times or more but eventually this forgiveness will go from your head into your heart

and you will really feel forgiveness in your heart for them.

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