You are NOT broken

You are NOT broken!You are NOT broken

You are NOT broken! I’ve learned a lot about people over the years, so I can say this without a doubt


When you live the type of life that my wife and I have lived in ministering to people and helping God knit Souls back together learning about people it’s just part of the job.


When an individual or a couple comes to see me usually they think that they are broken in some way.


They think that they are so far off base so to speak that maybe, just perhaps they can’t be fixed.


One of my favorite times when working with people is right after I have interpreted their Temperament Profile.


Some people even have a look of Amazement on their face… When they realize that what I have just shared with them isn’t what they thought they were.


To explain this simply, you are not broken! You are not as far off as you thought you were.


Satan will lie to us and tell us that we’re broken beyond repair, that we must be punished in some way and we will never be able to live a normal happy life.


Did you know that God is a faithful God? That he has “had your back” all along? So how did God create you?


How do you know that you are NOT broken like you thought you were? This is where The Temperament Profile comes in.


You will learn more about yourself in one session then you could have in a lifetime!


You will learn that the very things that Satan has used against you are really your strengths. You are NOT broken!


You will learn that your mate probably loves you a little more than you thought they did and they will learn that you love them a little more than they thought you did.


If you have children they will learn that you as parents are not the bad guys.


And that pitiful hopeless marriage that you think you are in is really stronger and more resilient than you ever thought it could be.


God has the plan and so did we so give us a call

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