Either you’re crazy or you must really love each other…

“love each other…the key to everything Jesus taught us before he left the Earth and is still teaching us today.

Either you’re crazy or you must really love each other…love each otherI can’t tell you the times that I have asked myself this very question.

Having been married almost 35 years and having known my wife for almost 38 years that question has come up a few times. The photo to the right is us.

A marriage without trials and setbacks is a fairy tale but it’s not real. I can tell you that the devil has come after my wife and I just about since the day we met.

I think he could see what was it had for us or if not he knew how dangerous we would be to him

because we both have the same beliefs and we both had the same goals in life.

Difficulties WILL happen

If you are married then there’s little doubt that you have had some difficulties along the way yourself,

and some of those difficulties maybe deep and very painful.

If you’ve had a painful stretch in your marriage does it necessarily mean that you’re a failure?

Does it mean that you’ve done something wrong? Or does it mean that maybe you shouldn’t have gotten married at all?

So why do couples stay together and keep working together and keep trusting God

and keep going through painful situations, impossible situations and still trust God for a positive outcome?

That is because they see within one another something that they hold most precious and they are not willing to give that up!

So they seek help from another person… And that is where The Penewit Institute comes in.


Learning to run together

Quite often I tell my patients that marriage and learning to work together is like a three-legged race.

When you first start out you’re going to be clumsy and you’re going to stumble a time or two

but eventually with the word of God and love you will figure out how to run like the wind.

Maybe you’ve been married for a while and you’re realizing that you’re not getting any better

at learning how to run in this three-legged race called marriage.

You’ve tried everything you knew how and it just isn’t working, you’re starting to wonder if God is even with you at all…

And if he is maybe he just doesn’t care?

It seems like you want to go right and your maid wants to go left you want to run forward but your mate wants to run backwards.

After awhile you become distraught and angry with your mate because you just don’t understand them.

After seeing many thousands of patients over the years I can tell you that every human being that has ever been born onto this planet

has a superior gift and if they know what that gift is they will be able to use it for God’s glory.

There is a lot more to us than just a gift! We have dreams, we have goals we have aspirations we have things that we want things that we strive for.


Learn exactly what your mate wants without any guess work

How can you tell what your mate wants? Maybe you’ve tried everything you know how and it just doesn’t seem to work,

you just can’t seem to get through to them to understand what makes them tick.

You may think “if I just knew how to make her happy” or “if I could just find a way to make him love me” then things would be okay.

But did you know there is a way to know those things? There is a way to understand what makes your mate tick,

and there is a way to learn to communicate with your mate.

But at The Penewit Institute we can take you much deeper than that!

We can show you exactly how God created your mate,

you will learn exactly how God “wired” your mate.

We can help you to work as a team we can teach you how to soar together like eagles!

And it really isn’t as difficult as you may think.

All of this starts with one simple step.