Tell me about a Single Supine

tell me about a Single Supine

A Single Supine

Tell me about the Single Supine? Supines are gentle tender souls who feel that their mission on Earth is to serve others.

If you know anything about Supines then you know that it’s “The Servant Temperament” and they are experts at it.

A Supine is a joy to know, but you wont easily understand them or what makes them tick unless you are taught how


Dallas and Fort Worth Christian counseling have monthly Supine support groups for women. 

Call our office for details  (Men’s Supine Support groups are on the way!)


Tell me about a Single Supine

You can tell if your friend is a Supine because

  • they have never said anything that upset you
  • you feel like you can tell them anything and they are great listeners
  • it doesn’t matter how angry you are …they can calm you down.
  • they call you almost every day to see what you think about something

Supines must have help in 2 areas of their lives …and its VITAL that they get this help!

  1. Supines need help making decisions. If there is a decision to be made a Supine will become frightened if they must make that decision. They will stress greatly if they they are forced to make a decision concerning others.
  2. Supines need help taking on responsibilities. A Supine will never feel comfortable taking on responsibilities, whether it involves themselves or others.


Supines are rule followers so if the Supine is a Christian then they will most likely uphold their beliefs in seeking a mate.

Rejection…the # 1 reason a Supine needs help

Supines fear rejection more than any other thing in their lives because they don’t have a way to process that rejection.

When a Supine is rejected the pain of that rejection will stay in their soul until it comes out either in a fit of anger

or it stays within them permanently.

Next up: Supines need support

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