Supines need support

Supines need supportSupines need support and they will continue to need this support for the remainder of their lives from their loved ones…

Some Supines may feel they will need continued counseling, not because they are weak but they will need people in their lives to give them support and validation.

…and for this very reason

Dallas and Fort Worth Christian counseling have monthly Supine support groups for women. 

Call our office for details  (Men’s Supine Support groups are on the way!)

There is a good reason for these support groups. A Supine will tell you that they are very unique people.

They have a superior gift, but unless you know where to look you’ll never find it.

What is a Supine?

The definition of the Supine is lying on the back, face or front upward.” 

This Temperament is called the servant temperament. They are at their best when they are serving others.

The Supine has the ability to reach an angry or hurting people that no other person can reach…and they can do it like no other person can.

Supines are gentle and tender people who everyone seems to be able to talk to easily.

If you have ever met a person that you told your “life story” and shared your deepest darkest secrets with …you were most likely talking to a supine.

There are things about The Supine that you need to know


Weakness of The Supine

Supines can reach out to people that no other Temperament can, but they have a few weaknesses.

They have difficulty making decisions and so Supines need support to help them.

If they are put into a situation that they must lead … it can be a nightmare for them.

They have a very tender and gentle soul that can be hurt very easily.

They fear rejection so much that they cant “process” it in themselves

This causes pain within themselves that can be most painful.

When a Supine is rejected they become angry and its what they do with this anger that can be a problem.


Supines need support

One of the most important needs of The Supine is the need for support from others.

This one need will motivate The Supine to do whatever they must do to get others to help them.

They need help from others so much that they will remain in an abusive relationship if that is what they must do

to keep the abuser in their lives.

Fort Worth Christian Counseling and Dallas Christian Counseling have created unique “Supine Support Groups

These groups are designed to assist Supines and their loved ones to understand their “Temperament Needs” and their gifts.