Attention Deficit Disorder

What is Attention Deficit Disorder?

 Attention Deficit Disorder

We read about Attention Deficit Disorder on the internet, in the newspapers and on Television and yet, it doesn’t seem that “they” are really any closer to answers than they ever were.

Physicians use a wide variety of drugs to try to “treat” children who are “suffering” from this “disorder”, but reports show that drugs are not as effective as they had hoped.

Although we hear about ADD/ADHD  in adults, the condition does not seem (in some cases) to be as debilitating as it is in children, but why?

To understand the answer to Attention Deficit Disorder

We must have a basic understanding of temperament and how it affects us.

The definition of temperament is learning just how God “wired” us to be.

We were created by God with a temperament that explains why we react/respond the way we do.

It is vital to understand that within each person there is a temperament and that each part of a persons temperament has TEMPERAMENT NEEDS.

A person’s temperament needs WILL BE MET…either in a Godly way or an ungodly way.

A person will meet their temperament needs…it is much like breathing…it MUST happen!

Educators tell us that a child has a “learning style” and if that style is known, that it makes teaching more effective.

Knowing your child’s temperament is just as vital.

A child who is attempting to meet their temperament needs who is unsuccessful will “act out” in various ways.

Is the difficulty due to the inability to learn? or the overwhelming need to meet their temperament need?

Is a child who “can’t sit still” in need of medication? Or are they in need of something else?

A person who is so overwhelmed trying to meet a temperament need, that they cannot concentrate is in no condition to pay attention to a teacher or employer.

We feel that these children are sometimes labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder but if the temperament is known, they can begin to learn to meet these needs.

Meeting these needs allows a child to emerge who will be able to accomplish more than anyone thought they ever could.

The Penewit Center is now accepting patients for their ADD/ADHD program.

The Penewit Center will work with your child’s physician or teacher as the need arises.

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