The distracted mind


In our office we work with 5 separate temperaments. The interesting thing about temperament is that no 2 people can be exactly alike even if they have the same temperament.

I enjoy working with these temperaments and learning the uniqueness and individuality of each person that I work with.




Each temperament thinks in a unique way with a unique thought pattern.

A melancholy it’s a very deep thinker and can think from the bottom to the top and all the way around.

They can think things through and think using different techniques.

The choleric is an excellent thinker who has specific thought patterns as well. All of the other temperaments have specific ways of thinking,

but each of the 5 temperaments and the thousands of various blends all have one thing in common.


Distractions and The 5 Temperaments


Let’s look at the 5 temperaments


  1. The Melancholy
  2. The Choleric
  3. The Sanguine
  4. The Supine
  5. The Phlegmatic


Each temperament have their own way of thinking but distraction can bring these 5 temperaments to a complete stop.


The reason why this is so interesting is because each temperament can be distracted and different ways.  The things that will distract a melancholy would not distract a choleric.


Each temperament deals with distraction differently.


At the Penewit institute we work with individuals who live lives where distractions can control and rule their every thought and decision.


When we teach the individual how God wired them to be by showing them their temperament… Then we are able to explain to them which distractions are plaguing them and how to gain victory over their lives.


If you are dealing with a severely distracted mind and may even be on medication… Consider taking the 1st step and calling the number below or send us a message… We can help


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