Your brain is wired for truth

wired for truthYour brain is wired for truth

Your brain is “wired” for truth…and telling the truth takes the stress off of the brain.

When someone tells the truth they breathe a sigh of relief.

The cingulate cortex is essential for our emotional responses and is actually “wired” to tell the truth.

The cingulate cortex signals other parts of the brain to share information.

When it does this the brain can move on to important things like planning, problem solving, learning, meditating etc.

When we keep a secret it is locked inside the brain and is not allowed to perform its job so it releases stress hormones.

This is when the negative happens like a domino effect.

These stress hormones affect attention, memory, blood pressure, appetite, digestion, metabolism and sleep to name a few.

This can affect sleep and when we are “sleep deprived” it causes a new set of problems that we must deal with.

Lack of sleep causes mood swings, irritability, temper problems, and “fight or flight” when they are questioned by a spouse.

Lower immunity response results which is why illness happens during the latter stages of an affair.

Stress then builds within the “keeper of the secret” and many are pushed to “self medicate”.

The point here is the when one gets deeper and deeper into the affair there is less and less ability to deal with it.

This will cause the person to reach “the breaking point” which causes physical and mental exhaustion.

Truth is the antidote

There is an answer and it isn’t an easy one, but it’s a better choice than staying in the affair.

I realize that we are dealing with a chemical, spiritual and emotional addiction that must be dealt with step by step.

The brain is wired for truth so telling the truth is the antidote here and it will cause an effect that can lead to healing of the brain and emotions.

It wont be easy but its a big start which can lead to a fractured relationship. However, the relationship is then placed into a position to begin the healing process.

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