Stay in love with your mate

love your mateStay in love with your mate

Love your Mate

Here’s a “how to” to help you with the day-to-day journey of loving your mate.


If I told you that there is a definite way to “love your mate”, do you think it would change your life?

Would it help you to re-define your marriage relationship?

If this “understanding” included things such as learning why your mate responds and reacts to other people,

and why they are so controlling or why they need help making every decision?

What if this “understanding “included the whys” of sex?

If this “understanding” included exactly, precisely how to love your mate emotionally, sexually so that you would understand exactly why they responded to your love…

Would this “understanding” help you to re-define your marriage relationship?

92.5 percent of our patients responded with a resounding YES! to this question.

Explain to me how this works

We use a tool called Temperament Therapy.

Temperament Therapy knows exactly how you livelovereact and respond to life situations that may have you asking “why” all of your life.

All too often we see patients that think that they are “broken” but in reality they are not.


Simply put: Inclusion is the part of your Temperament that determines “surface” relationships, like friends, co-workers, church groups, social groups, clubs etc.

Inclusion also includes your “intellectual energies” or “how you think” and under what type of environment you think best.
If you are one who cannot shut your mind off and can’t sleep because you re-live the painful things of your past…then we can help you slow down your brain and take control of your life again.
Next week Dr W H Penewit will continue this discussion.
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