Your brain on lust

 Your brain on lustYour brain on lust

When a brain is in “lust mode” things are happening that you may no nothing about.

If you’ve read my last blog The Appeal of having a lover then you understand that when a person is drawn to a member of the opposite sex, the brain goes through some changer that it wasn’t designed to deal with.

We remember that the chemical “Dopamine” floods the brain when we first meet a potential lover.

The next time we see that person we feel “intense” pleasure and a “high” so we equate that person with pleasure even before we talk to them again

So whats next?

Another chemical “Serotonin” floods the brain and here’s what in store…

  1. You have a feeling of emptiness
  2. You will have obsessive anxiety, which pushes one toward the affair partner
  3. You will have sleep disturbances that will cause health problems down the road


So what happens if we continue with an affair?

Moving forward with an affair “sets” these chemicals in.

Now the chemical Oxytocin floods the system which is associated with love.

Oxytocin happens when we hug, kiss and cuddle and it makes you want MORE!

It makes one more open emotionally which make one feel a sense of well being thinking that the affair is good for them.

The more time one spends with “the other person” the more Oxytocin is produced which increases desire for the “other person”


All five of The Temperaments can get caught up in this scenario, but they will process the affair differently .

Some will be drawn to the emotional aspect of the affair while others will feel the draw of a physical union with the “other person”

A Melancholy may feel the “draw” towards a physical union and the Sanguine may feel a draw toward the emotional intimacy as well as the

physical connection.

It certainly isn’t an easy task to move from the chemical addiction of the affair to freedom, but it can be done!

Lets work together…no condemnation and at your own pace.