Can a Melancholy reach perfection?

 Can a Melancholy reach perfection?Can a Melancholy reach perfection?

The question is: “Can a Melancholy reach perfection?” If you know a Melancholy well then you know that they seek perfection.

The Melancholy usually sets very high, almost unreachable goals for themselves which causes them to become critical of themselves.

“In your faith supply moral excellence”

2nd Peter chapter one verse 5 has an answer for The Melancholy  that seeks excellence.

Peter teaches that there can be a difference between perfection and moral excellence.

He shows that if The Melancholy compliments their basic faith good character they will succeed in may things.

So what is moral excellence to A Melancholy? If Melancholies cant reach their goals that they set

they will become critical of themselves and others around them.

Good Character?

A Melancholy will reach the understanding of good character by reading what The Bible says about character and how it begins.

Paul learned character by what he went through in his missionary journeys…he learned forgiveness,

how to be sufficient in whatever situation he was in. He learned how God saw him and that he was forgiven no matter what he did.

I realize that for a Melancholy this isn’t something that comes easy…

but it can be done if the Melancholy is shown how to accomplish this.

Where do I start?

Start by realizing that The Melancholy has a wonderful gift that humanity is waiting for.

If they learn that they can make a mistake and still be accepted and loved by God and their loved ones,

they learn to become free of the fear of failure that may affect them.

This is done by having faith that God will bring them through the fear that can grip them

and the fear of failure.


Ashley Singh Krueger is conducting a Melancholy Support Group where she will explain

in detail how a Melancholy can accomplish these goals in a step-by-step process that will show

how its done. Fill out the form below if you are interested!

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