Confessing Anxiety Away

Confessing Anxiety Away

If you’ve read my articles how you think is what you think Parts one and two you understand that what you think isn’t the problem it’s how you think it.

So how do we control all of this? Many of you know that these thoughts cause anxiety and as we all know anxiety leads to depression.

With all that’s been going on in the world these days depression and anxiety are two things that we really don’t need.

Getting rid of anxiety

So let’s talk about just how we can get rid of anxiety.

Anxiety actually begins in our mind and as we all know the battlefield is in the mind not in the flesh.

I could quote many scriptures that would support this but for the sake of time take my word for it!

When a thought pattern begins in our mind and we meditate on that which means we accept the thought pattern

and allow it to sit in our mind while we meditate on it will have an effect on us.

Depending on what that thought pattern is depends on our mood while and after we are thinking these things.

As most of you know the thoughts that we think of throughout the day are not positive, actually most of them were very negative.

As I’ve said with all the negative things happening on this planet and especially in the United States can really cause us to think negative things quite frequently.

The “how to”

So what is the answer?

I once heard of very wise pastor at a rather large church here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area make this quote

he said “always answer thoughts with words”

I think what he meant was not to let a negative thought sit in your mind and control your mood throughout the day.

All it really takes is one negative thought that is ignored in your mind throughout the day.

So how do we answer these negative thoughts with positive words?

What my wife Linda and I had been doing for many many years is reading happy / promise scriptures out loud.

We actually have a notebook full of our favorite happy scriptures that we have printed out on the computer made into a notebook

and some of our very favorites we have taken pictures of and have on our phone to take with us wherever we go.

In our lives we never let a negative thoughts it in our mind for more than a few seconds without answering it out loud with happy scriptures.

Confession scriptures out loud throughout the day will have an extremely positive change on your outlook. Give it a try.

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