How you think is what you think part 2

How you think is what you think Part 2In my article “how you think is what you think part 1” explained where the battlefield is as far as the thought process is concerned.

We also went over Paul’s list in Philippians chapter 4 verse 8 of what to think which weeds out what we are not supposed to think and I thought process.

We went over The Melancholy so next on the list is…

The Sanguine

The Sanguine in inclusion is a very people-oriented person. In fact being around and interacting with people is the reason why sanguines live.

If you see a sanguine in the workplace you will always see them in a people-oriented career.

If we look at a sanguine who cannot be around other people, it will greatly affect how they think as well as what they think.


The Five Temperaments process this issue differently.

The melancholy will be greatly stressed if they must be around people,

The sanguine is just the opposite, these people must be around others or they will suffer stress.

This is why many sanguine children are labeled as ADD/ADHD in school.

This is very tragic because sanguine children are very talented children. They simply need to be shown how to think around other children. This is an easy task

Many adults think that they are ADD/ADHD as well which very well may not be the case…but how you think

If you are an adult sanguine in inclusion or think that you might be, the issues that you are facing could be dealt with easily.

Knowing your temperament is Paramount.  At The Penewit Institute we can help,

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