Investing in you

Investing in youNew beginnings

It’s the end of another year and it does seem like these years are flying by don’t they?

Today I want to talk about investing in you. I realized to some people this may seem selfish but really it’s just the opposite.

Investing in yourself is the first step to helping others, but all too often people turn it backwards.

Ignoring yourself is going to weaken your mental and emotional self as well as your spiritual state of being.

You gotta start somewhere

In this state you really won’t be able to help anyone, your family your friends your church.

If you’ve ever flown on a commercial airliner and I know you all have, you remember when the stewardess talks about emergency procedures.

They tell you how to put on your oxygen mask should the need be. And then they tell you that if you have children to put your mask on first, and then put your children’s mask on.

Why is that? Will the answer is really quite simple. If you pass out due to the lack of oxygen you will not be able to help your children.

If you put your oxygen mask on first you will be able to put your children’s oxygen masks on as well

So when I say “investing in you”, what I am saying is let’s get you into a state of well-being in your soul and your spirit.

Making it happen

I know that some of you are saying right now I would love to come to counseling because my marriage needs it but my mate won’t come with me.

Marriage counseling isn’t as much getting two people together as it is working with two individuals which will then bring them together. There is a difference here!

We will deal with this in-depth in my next article entitled “Marriage counseling…starting with you“.

If you would like to begin right now the answers are closer than you may think! Contact us today