Dark Moods, Black Moods…the life of Depression

Dark moods, Black Moods, the life of depression.

It seems as if some people must deal with depression on a minute by minute basis all of their lives while other people live happy lives. One of the five temperaments is able to think deeper and more clearly than the other temperaments. This temperament is more genius prone than any of the other four temperaments, and because of this they have a mind that will not shut off. They think constantly and rarely are of these thoughts happy ones.  There is one thing that this temperament fears more than anything else.


This temperament fears rejection more than anything else and because of this it sends them into a state of depression. This depression sends these people into dark moods and black moods. They can stay in these moods for days, weeks, months or even all of their lives.

The real damage

The real damage happens to these people while they are living in these dark moods or black moods.

In the next post Dr. W.H. Penewit will show us what happens in “Depression…what happens in the “Dark Moods””.