decisionsDecisions…I want you to think back to a place in your life, maybe long ago…maybe not too long ago. A decision was made that you regretted.

Even though you were “in your right mind”, and could see what was coming at you,

and even though you knew what you needed to do…

you looked at that situation and you deliberately made the decision that you made.

But…did you really deliberately make the decision that you made?, or were you guided,

perhaps, by some “unseen force” that you had no control over?

What if I told you that you are making decisions based on “needs”

that you may or may not even know that you have?,

and that if you know what these “needs” are, you would be able to continually make Godly decisions for the rest of you life?

Within each one of us we have placed into us by God himself, what is known as Temperament. 

We are guided by our temperaments in every day life in every area of our lives.

Here are the areas in our lives where temperament  play a vital factor

1. Inclusion, where our social orientation lies, (that is to say how we want our relationships with others to transpire) and intellectual energies.

2. Control, how much control we want in our lives and how much we want to control others.

3. Affection, How we want and express affection in our lives, with family and loved ones as well as people in every day life

I cannot express in words how vitally important knowing what your Temperament is and how it affects  your decision making process.

Knowing what your temperament is can be the difference between happiness or divorce…peace or anxiety and depression.

Perhaps its time to change the direction of your life once-and-for-all?

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