I am Temperament

I am TemperamentI am Temperament


Within each one of us, God has placed a unique individual Temperament that determines how we respond to people and situations.

Of course, I am simplifying things here for the purposes of time and space,

but this temperament goes to the very core of what you are and who God created you to be.

With each temperament goes what are known as “Temperament Needs”

These needs will be met in a Godly way, or an ungodly way, but they will be met.

Interestingly enough, we are quite powerless to stop meeting these needs,

but God never intended us to stop trying to meet these needs.

Your decision making processes are connected to your temperament needs.

For example, if you have a very strong need to be “in charge”

then you will more than likely be known as a “controlling person”.

Things may be difficult for you because you are always finding that people are angry with you or trying to avoid you.

However, you are designed by God to be a leader, to be in control

and  you will always find yourself gravitating toward this lifestyle.

So whats the answer?

Well,…learning what your temperament needs are is the first step,

then learning how to meet each one of these needs in a Godly way is the next step.

Learning what each one of your unique temperament needs are  is priceless to a person,

and then discovering how to meet these needs in a Godly way

will set you on a path that will allow God to use you and bless you immeasurably.

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