If only I had known

If only I had known

“If only I had known”..it’s the saddest phrase that I hear in my practice.  If only I had known


When I hear someone say “if only I had known” it tells me that someone has made a mistake,

usually a fatal one where a relationship is concerned.


Quite often I hear this for a spoken by a person who took their mate for granted and

didn’t realize how valuable that mate was until it was too late.

Usually this happens because of an affair…  But there is another instance where this happens and it is the saddest of all.


At Fort Worth Christian Counseling we not only deal with adults, single adults in marriage and family counseling

but we also deal with children and teens.

A parent usually does the best they can in trying to help their child grow up to be a successful adult.

But it happens quite frequently than when a child reaches the age of 18 to 22 they need serious mental health counseling.


Children become adults

Here’s the reason why we see so many young adults coming in for counseling.

Every human being has a Temperament…  And with each Temperament we have what we call Temperament Needs.

So here’s how things usually go…a well meaning parent tells their child that they need to play in a sport,

They need to join and after school club or they have to be heavily involved in church activities that involve people.


If the child has a Melancholy Temperament the parent may be leading this child down the wrong life path.

The Melancholy Temperament is such that people and being around people will actually cause stress to this child.


So forcing this child to be around other people can cause trouble as this child gets older.

If we know what our child’s temperament is from an early age we will not require them

to do things that can cause emotional harm.

The same can be said about a child who is a sanguine.

The Sanguine child has a temperament need to be around other children every day.

If they are not exposed to many people on a daily basis they will become stressed.


Knowing your child’s Temperament is vital!

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