“especially the sin that just won’t let go”

"especially the sin that just won't let go"It won’t let go!

In Hebrews 12 verse 1 Paul was talking specifically about “that sin that just won’t let go.”

I’m sure you’re very aware of that sin I’m talking about, because everyone Is fighting this fight.

What is that sin? Where does it come from? How does the sin know exactly where to zero in on me?

Drawing the line

To begin to answer this, we have to understand something. That something is we must draw the line somewhere!

When you are willing to do whatever it takes to get something that you want you will be Victorious.


I recall the time a couple of years back when I weighed almost 200 pounds, I didn’t like myself very much.

Then one day as I was sitting on the couch I turned to my wife and I said I don’t want to be like this anymore and I meant to it.

It took us almost a year but my wife and I both lost weight. I lost nearly 50 pounds and I have still kept it off after 2 years.

I simply wasn’t going to live like I was living and a longer. I wasn’t going to carry around all that extra weight and I made a quality decision to cease that lifestyle.

This approach will make you a winner every Time.

Seeking out real answers

The only real way to win while living on this planet is to seek out God and his word and his promises to you.

The next question you probably have is, OK where do I start?

Always start by seeking out the path you should take from the word of God

But the next step that I recommend is learning what your unique God designed temperament is.

The path that I am asking you to take is a path that each individual will take just a little different way than others.

This is the reason why certain people fail at something that they attempt because they simply can’t process the information so that they can understand it.

The best way to start is by giving us a call so that we can help you to understand what You are unique God designed temperament is


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