If You Care You Will Share

If you Care you will Share


If you Care you will Share

This is kind of an interesting title for a article isn’t it?

If you care you will share often comes up in my heart when I am counseling with an individual or couples.


Some things are OK for people to talk about like arguing, learning how to communicate with each other, or even trying to figure out how to please your mate.

Difficulties can be about children, because you know how difficult they can be sometimes!


If you don’t tell me whats wrong…I can’t help you fix it!

I often tell my patients that if they walk into a doctor’s office with a broken leg but they only

talk about the pain and their elbow then they will walk out of that doctors office without beginning the help that they really need.


In frustration sometimes I feel like looking at my patient and screaming at the top of my lungs talk to me tell me what’s really happening I can help!


Getting to the deadly destroyer of a marriage

But the most difficult things to talk about which that which is in ourselves that we struggle with the Most.

That issue usually involves sex.


This is the one issue that sinks more a marriages than just about any other topic that I work with.

And yet it is pretty much the most prevalent issue that idea with.


Go deeper…the answers are there

As we Get deeper into the subject I want you to know that virtually every human being is plagued with difficulties in the area of sex.

How do you deal with that emotional or physical affair that you’re having?

You must realize that it will come to the surface sooner or later


Or the online pornography that you have been watching?


I know some of the situations or even far worse than this and they are not…

things that I will talk about in this article but if you were involved in it you know what I mean.

There’s nothing that a human being can do that I haven’t heard .


Let me put it this way, if you have done it, I have dealt with that for years in my practice.

To put it quite simply talk to me tell me everything let me help!


If you are working with another therapist right now come clean! Talk to him or her!

We can help! Contact us now!