Never “just another day”

“Just another day”

We go to bed at night and we wake up the next morning over and we go to bed at night and we wake up the next morning over and over again.


If we were to figure out how many mornings we wake up it would probably be quite a few don’t you think?


When we do wake up and start our day most likely we think Today is just like yesterday and it seems like nothing ever changes.


You may be going through some difficult times, For that matter you may be going through some very good times!


But the fact is time moves on and so do we.


When we stop to think   “Just another day?  ”  I wonder how that affects a persons everyday life.


Life Situations


You may be in a dangerous situation, or you may have a difficult marriage, or maybe your children are just too difficult for you to handle right now.


I know that we’ve all been there , nobody is immune .


Morning routines can be the same way if you let them.


More than a morning routine


When I get up in the morning I grind my coffee beans make my Cup of coffee But that’s where the mundane routine ends.


I grab my tablet turn it on An open up my cloud To a folder where all   The Scriptures and prayers that I need for the day are.


I realize that Satan is out there and that he wants to destroy Me  ,  you and anyone else who loves God.


I’ve been around the block enough to know that if I do nothing he is going to hold me back.


I made my mind up quite a few years ago that it will never happen again!


I have healing scriptures that I read over my body every day and every night.


I’ve learned what intercessory prayer is all about and I’ve learned what spiritual warfare is all about.


When you begin interceding over yourself and your family and your job and everyone else that you know that are near and dear to you . ..


And begin to bind up the devil where your life is concerned, believe me when I say your life will become very interesting.


The resources are out there, and if you do it right your days can become anything but”  Just another day   ”

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