Teach your children not to respect authority?

Teach your children not to respect authority?I  Seem to have a knack for creating interesting titles for my blogs.

So let’s get right to it shall we?


If you are a parent then you realize that it is your BIBLICAL duty to train your children to respect authority.

When you look at society today, you will see that respect for authority has pretty much flown out the window so to speak.

Children who respect Authority learn wisdom and knowledge.

You can always tell a child who respects authority because they are well mannered and intelligent beyond their years.




It seems to me ( Having home schooled all 3 of my children)

That quite often we send our children to public schools and really don’t pay much attention to what they are being taught.

Public schools and universities are shown to be hotbeds of liberal thinking.

Lifestyles and Deviant behavior are being taught as normal acceptable in society today.

As the days get shorter The evil that is being taught is becoming darker and even more wicked.




Let’s start with the ideal answer to the question.

If there is any possible way that you can home school your child that would be the way to go!


Even if you need to downsize and move and to a smaller home or even an apartment

so that 1 parent can quit their job to home school the children that would be the way to go in my opinion.

I’m sure many parents who are reading this right now

really had no choice but to send their children to public Schools.


So what is the answer for these parents?


In the book of Proverbs 22:6  it tells us to:

Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Has it all we must teach these children who go to public school

that they need to respect those in authority over them.

And at the same time as parents we must give our children

permission to stand up and disagree with evil things being taught to them!


I realized that this will get a child sent to the principal’s office

or even expelled from school, but what is the alternative?

Leaving these children to the devices of some public schools

and the teaching of these public schools is  Disastrous


Stand up for your children

If you must attend the school board meters in your district on behalf of your child.

As a parent I urge you to fight the good fight on their behalf.


And if your child does get in trouble, make sure that they know that they really did nothing wrong!

Make sure that they understand that when a Christian stands up for the word of God in a godless society they will get in trouble by that society.


Teach your child to “stand their ground”

I remember when my oldest son will who is now in his forties was in

Grade the school… In he was  Being taught ungodly principles.

When it came turn for him to take of the final exam for the course

the teacher made sure that the answers to the test needed to

include affirmation of these ungodly lifestyles.

My son politely took his blank test walked up to the front of the Room

laid his test on the teacher’s desk and said I am sorry sir but you know that I will not do this period


He got a zero for the final exam and instead of getting a b that he should have gotten he got a D minus.

I made certain that my son knew how proud I was of him and how I praised the father that he was able to stand up for the word of God

My wife and I celebrated this with my son and we re-affirmed that he did nothing wrong that in fact he did what was right..

My suggestion is teach your children to respect authority, and teach your children to stand up for the word of God no matter who is in Charge


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