Pornography? You need help! My help!

Pornography…a small start that WILL kill

Pornography addiction starts small, but this addiction is so tremendously powerful that a small start is all that it takes.

Research has shown that looking at pornography with your eyes creates a chemical in your brain

that is up to 100 times more addictive than crack cocaine.


Once is all it takes

Viewing pornography one time Puts you into a position where you will need help!

Let’s put it this way, how many times can you hold your hand and a fire and not get burned?

How many times can you beat the hornet’s nest with a stick and not get stung?

Pornography is the same way, once it is in there it will never come out without a fight!


This is where The Penewit Institute can help.


How did I get myself into this mess?

To answer this question we have to go back to the beginning.

Addiction to porn  Is more than just looking at pictures and videos.

The 1st question that you must ask yourself is why did I even begin looking at that stuff?

Go backup to the beginning of this article where I stated that viewing pornography with your eyes

creates a chemical in your brain that is 100 times more addictive than crack cocaine.


We can establish here… that viewing pornography is a form of self medication.


One of the 1st steps that we take in helping an individual is to help them to understand why they began this hideous process to begin with.

To accomplish this we will Help you to understand exactly which needs you were trying to meet by looking at pornography.

We will do this by administering what we call a temperament profile.

This will tell us exactly what needs you were trying to meet.

There are reasons that we do the things we do, and make the decisions that we make.

This is where we will begin, then we will help You to understand yourself and way that you never dreamed possible.


There is a way out and it all begins here. —–> Contact us