Self-medication …the ancient pandemic that still exists

Self-medication ...the ancient pandemic that still exists

Today, let’s start out with a basic definition of self-medication.

This isn’t the dictionary definition of self-medication, but it is my personal definition.


Self-medication is a perceived way out that doesn’t exist.

To put this in simple terms self-medication is looking for a door that isn’t really there.


A human being will create this door, this way out by means other than turning to God and his wisdom.

I have  Discovered during my time here at the Penewit institute that the 5 temperaments self-medicate in  Different ways.

We won’t get into the specifics of this today… Perhaps we will be able to work with this at a later date.

What I would like to do is deal with the basics.


Looking at the obvious

When you hear the term self-medication, quite often you think about alcohol or drugs…

But there are other ways that people self-medicate.


Let’s look at thought patterns to begin with shall we?

When we look at various temperaments we can see that when a person thinks to down or negatively their mood swings down

When the same individual thinks up or positively then their mood swings up.

Basically what we are talking about here is a chemical process. How does this process began? By our thoughts!

We must understand that toxic thought or negative thinking is just one of the many ways that a person can self-medicate.

When we employ toxic thought into our Lives what we are really doing is confirming the lies that the devil has been whispering in our ears.


Why is this so negative? The answer is really quite simple!


God not only created us in his own image but he also sent his son to perfect us in our faith.

So as you can see, our brain is wired to think one way …that is the way God-created it

But when we think or go against what God says or brain must process negative thoughts, thoughts that the brain was never created to process.

This is when things start to go awry

Toxic thoughts create toxic chemicals in our brain that are every bit as addictive.

Where can I find answers?

We will begin by providing you with a Temperament Profile.

This profile will show us where your basic thought patterns are and why you think the way you do.

We will be able to help you to define your true gifts and capitalize on them.

It all starts here —-> Contact us today

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