Marriage counseling, it only takes one

 Marriage counseling, it only takes oneMarriage counseling is the art and helping two individual human beings heal emotionally and spiritually so that they can become one again.


Let me explain how it usually works at the Penewit Institute

The majority of the time  The phone will ring And after the pleasantries are shared

I begin to explain the marriage counseling process.


After explaining the process to them

They you should really say something like “well I will come if my mate comes with me”


This is where the real fun begins because at this point I must explain to them

the real reason that they are coming in from marriage  Counseling


Let me ask you a question, does it take two  Individuals to have a marriage counseling session?


At the Penewit institute we council two individuals and help them heal emotionally and spiritually.


As we accomplish the healing process between 2 individuals, it is very easy for them to become one again.


We must realize that 2 individuals both made mistakes in the marriage.


If the individual does not learn where they made their mistake

it is most likely they will repeat the same mistake over and over again.


This is why most likely you know people who have been married 2 or 3 times, maybe more.


The individual never learned where their mistake is or how to deal with it.


If this is you and you won’t come to marriage counseling because your mate will not come with you, think again!


The vast majority of the time, when one mate comes to counseling the other will follow soon after.


Give us a call and lets begin